Unpacking Commercial Robot Mowers

Meet Terra, iRobot’s newest product range, which will be forever known as the “Roomba for lawns.” Of course, there are worse names. After all, with the Roomba line, iRobot was able to accomplish what other businesses had before attempted and failed to do: deliver a really mainstream home robot. It will be a genuinely remarkable achievement if the Massachusetts-based hardware manufacturer can accomplish the same for yard work. Work on the lawn-mowing robot, like most of what iRobot produces, has been slow and methodical. CEO Colin Angle revealed the robot in a closed-door meeting with the firm at CES this year. It was a sort of huge reveal for a one-person party. But first, he explained why it had taken iRobot so long to enter into the space in the first place.

After all, just like Robotniiduk the Terra isn’t the first lawn-mowing robot to try to do what the Roomba has done for floors. Honda, as well as lesser-known brands like Robomow and Worx, have already entered the market. iRobot, on the other hand, has a crucial advantage over the competition: 17 years of expertise developing and evolving the Roomba range. Despite this, Angle informs me that Terra (Codenamed: Wichita) took over a decade to develop, with a team of 35 to 50 R&D personnel dedicated completely to the new product. To get a product like this just perfect, there are a lot of moving pieces – both figuratively and practically. Moving outdoors on uneven surfaces with a new goal necessitates more than simply iterating on the work of the Roomba team. The sloping legs of trampolines appear to have been particularly challenging for roboticists to comprehend.

The device is watertight, though if you live in a particularly cold climate, you may want to bring it in when the snow starts to build up. Terra is additionally protected by a security system that ensures it cannot be used if it is relocated from its designated grass.

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