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The Hidden Wiki is a website that specializes in illegal downloads and other forms of what would be considered copyright infringement. It is currently ranked as the top site on Google’s most popular search results list, receiving more than four million visitors every month. 

The Hidden Wiki was founded by a group of people looking to make use of the content removed from the now-defunct Megaupload. They do this to spread awareness about how copyright laws can stifle creativity and take away access to information while promoting a culture of ignorance and apathy among individuals. 

Featured content in Hidden wiki

  • The Hidden Wiki provides a fully indexed database of links to pirated content and instructions on how to download the material in question using a variety of different software and applications. The website has evolved from the technocratic views of hackers, programmers, and digital activists. Ensure to go through the uncensored hidden wiki address 2022 to be fully aware of all the latest subjects.
  • The Hidden Wiki also features an extensive list of groups fighting for copyright laws and freedom of information. Some of these groups have taken their fight and moved on from YouTube to start websites that promote awareness about copyright laws by providing ways for people to find ways to download material with ease. 
  • They also provide tutorials on how to use the information provided in a completely legal manner. The Hidden Wiki website hosts files that are illegal to download and contains content that is considered those videos that can not be seen on the normal local networks and includes detailed instructions on how search engines can be manipulated.

The Hidden Wiki features a list of different indices within the database that users can submit links to in order to obtain unauthorized content using peer-to-peer sharing and torrents. A few of the more frequented indices include those dealing with hacking, literature, music, and videos.

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