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Main Reasons Creating Minecraft Server

Minecraft Account

The main reasons for creating your own Minecraft server – Minecraft Account

Minecraft as a game has grown in its reputation to be able to attract the huge numbers of players. The ability to enjoy this game has increased its popularity amongst the gaming community. Minecraft can be played online or downloaded and installed via a PC. To be able to play this amazing game online, you need to either have a free minecraft account or a free minecraft premium account. With a minecraft free account you will be able to an unlimited game play time. In addition to this if your register for the free minecraft account and the free minecraft premium account via, you stand gaining from some of the amazing offers in store.

Video 4 – Reasosn to own server

When playing Minecraft, you can actually create your own server which will bring more entertainment to you. Creating your own server gives you control over a number of aspects in the game. With your own free minecraft account and your Minecraft server you can actually regulate the maximum, number of players in any given game, choose the game mode to play and even choose the seed. By having your own server you essentially become a god in your virtually created world.

The process involved in setting up your own server is very simple. As a matter of fact anybody can do it. You only need a PC that can support the game specifications and you are good to go. Some of the highlighted basic requirements include; a 1GB RAM, a java enabled PC, and about 300MB OF free space for installation. A dual core computer is normally considered the most appropriate but a single core 2.2 GHz processor can also handle the business.

After ensuring that your PC meets up all the specification, you only need to visit and download the vital server software.

Learn more about the benefits of a Minecraft account

Smartwatches Are The Future Of Gaming You Just Dont Know It Yet

You’ll have all seen Apple unveil its incredible new smartwatch in September this year. It proposes a new future of portable technology that we will wear on our wrists. The Apple Watch has been talked about in hushed whispers across the internet for years. Finally, the technology has arrived. The big question is whether it will provide a practical everyday function to warrant its price. Let’s start by reminding everyone that we posed the same question about the iPad. Look how powerful that turned out to be.

Apple was certainly not the first to unveil a smartwatch concept. Android already has the software ready in the form of Android Wear. The innovative ‘Pebble’ interacts with both Android and Apple software. It raised over $10 million on Kickstarter to get its big launch. The technology is not new. But, with the launch of their smartwatch, Apple are about to inspire a huge global shift.

At Gaming Advanced, we are mostly interested in how this will affect the gaming world. Mobile gaming is already set to overtake consoles in 2015. So, what does that mean for smartwatch gaming? What are the options and what is the future? Well, quite simply, the smartwatch offers a platform unlike any other before it. The smartwatch integrates seamlessly with your everyday life. It knows your location, it monitors your heart rate and knows your own schedule better than you. Never before has a piece of technology been so closely linked to you. This opens up new realms of gaming possibility.

The current smartwatch iterations are, of course, limited. The technology is still in its infancy. The screens and the processing power are still relatively small. That will all change though. Apple has just unveiled its first model. HTC, Motorola, LG and Sony are all close behind with their hardware. Android software already exists to slot seamlessly into their models. That means the technology is already growing. The market is already beginning to compete. Rapid discovery and development is coming. Sure, the first models may lack power, but what about the second, and the third? We’re looking ahead at the potential here.

The technology allows for an unprecedented level of connection with the world around you. Let’s look at an example. Your smartphone will know your every activity. It is right there in your calendar. It knows where your ten o’clock meeting is and will direct you to it. Your watch will also use location services. So it knows exactly where you are right now. It knows how long it will take to get to that meeting. Once you are on your way, it will send an estimated time of arrival to the person you’re meeting.

They also use complex biometric scanning. It can tell whether your heart rate is higher or lower than average. It knows if your blood sugar is low. It even knows if you skipped breakfast! Your smartwatch may point out a bakery or coffee shop on the way to your meeting. If it’s a Starbucks and you visit regularly, it may already have put in your order and paid for it. This is a rough outline of what a smartwatch may do in our day-to-day lives. This is the sort of technology we can expect and this can be used when it comes to gaming.

The current gaming capabilities on smartwatches is limited. That’s because developers haven’t had long to get their hands on them. They haven’t yet been able to develop powerful, meaningful games for the platform. But they will. Currently, you can make use of simple smartwatch games. Things like Flappy Bird replicas or a free online demolition derby game. Simple games like Tetris and Snake are also available. At their core, these games are still addictive and timeless, hence their early introduction. Rest assured, we will soon move on to more complex territories.

One of the most useful things your smartwatch will do is anticipate your needs. For example, it knows when you’re on your morning commute. It knows that you leave the house at 8am and hit the subway around 8.10am. It knows that you like to play Candy Crush on the subway, so it has it loaded up when you step onto the platform. It might suggest other similar games. Likewise, it knows when you’re at the gym. It will instinctively put on your workout playlist and load up a hands free game. Smartwatches will be intuitive and adapt to your surroundings. It can even detect when you’re waiting in line at the store. It senses a slower heart rate and notices that you haven’t moved in a while. It may suggest an inconspicuous game and send sounds to your bluetooth headphones.

The sophisticated biometric monitor will also prove useful when it comes to gaming. Remember tamagotchis? Well, a smartwatch could allow you to customise and develop yourself in the same way. It will monitor your sleep patterns, eating habits and exercise routine. It will build an avatar of you based on this information that you keep on your wrist. Perhaps then you could fight and compete with your friends using this avatar. All this based on your own personal attributes. You could finally end those arguments of who is stronger or faster! Instead of using a character in online gaming worlds, you could send your own avatar into battle.

These are just the rambling ideas of a blogger. Imagine what a real developer could create. That’s the real beauty of smartwatches. Apps opened up the gaming world irreversibly. Smartwatches will operate in the same way; harnessing open design apps. Anyone with a great idea can create an app and implement it onto their smartwatch.

Most importantly, smartwatches are intimate. They are discreet. That’s what makes them so different from the likes of Google Glass and its imitators. A smartwatch is a very personal and very intimate technology. It will allow a more personalised gaming world. Gaming will be more intuitive and better connected. Smartwatches are the future of gaming. You just don’t know it yet.

How To Make A Minecraft Steve Fancy Dress Outfit

Want the perfect Minecraft dressing up costume?

In case you’ve been asleep for the past few years and are wondering what your kids are constantly talking about then Minecraft is a ‘sand box’ computer game where users get to create a virtual world while avoiding Creepers, the game’s ‘baddies’.

The pixelated hero of Minecraft is Steve, and he’s turning in to an incredibly popular fancy dress choice for kids parties but also for grown up parties such as Halloween.

The great thing about choosing Steve as your Minecraft dressing up outfit is that it’s an incredibly easy outfit to pull together – some of the items you’ll probably have lying round the house.

This is our guide on pulling off the perfect Minecraft Steve fancy dress look, but unfortunately we can’t help with the pixellation, although if you really want to you can add some card board boxes to your arms for extra effect!


This is the bit that really makes the outfit special. It’s lightweight and officially merchandised gear so is a great addition to your fancy dress outfit, adding instant pixelation!

You can go for the classic Steve look, an ender Steve version or even a creeper version if there’s a couple of you going to the party and want to get a Minecraft look going.

A really simple pale blue t-shirt is all you need for this part of the fancy dress outfit – it really is that simple!!

Another really simple part of the outfit – all you need is a pair of dark blue jeans or trousers. Steve has grey feet but because they are a block you could get away with just rolling your jeans up a bit to create the effect.


If you don’t want to roll your jeans up then you can go for a simple pair of dark grey shoes to complete your outfit.


You can add a lot of pixelated magic to your fancy dress outfit with the right choice of accessories. You could add a Minecraft sword or pickaxe.

Finishing your look

Don’t forget to practice your straight arm and straight leg walk to mirror the pixelated gameplay!

Girls & Gaming » Women Role Models: Are there any strong female motivators?

I’ve been throwing this idea around for a while, especially after my friend commented that the motivation in a lot of movies and video games are fathers or husbands or brothers, etc. We were discussing Lara Croft and Angelina Jolie in Tomb Raider and my friend pointed out that many women heroes are generally motivated into action by what their fathers did, and not their mothers. Why is it female characters cannot have strong females in their lives? I can’t think of one female character who is taking after her mother, or sister, or aunt or other female relative. And I think it should change.

There are plenty of female characters out there. There’s even a whole Wikipedia site on female protagonists. So why aren’t the women out there doing stuff for their female relatives? Folklore sort of has a female who is motivated by her mother, but only because her mother disappeared. Lara Croft Legends whole story is based on finding on what happened to her mother. But no female character says “I’m doing this because my mom is an aviator,” or “My mom is an archaeologist so I’m off to find dinosaurs” or whatever motivation that people have. They’re generally off to find them because they somehow disappeared, and not because they disappeared in the middle of the jungle while researching a new type of poisonous snake.

How many video game characters, male or female, do you know that went on the war path because someone killed their mother? I can’t think of one. I also can’t think of one female who gets her “can-do” attitude, her “kill or be killed” demeanor, or her love for adventure from her mother. For example, in Fatal Frame, the female lead goes on the hunt to find her missing brother. Granted, she gets her ghost-killing ability from her mother, but that’s not what the story is about. In almost every video game (I’m sure someone will point out a game I overlooked that has a female motivation) the female character is always looking for, or doing something for, or fighting for, a male, not another female.

I’m not sure why video game developers choose male motivators to female leads. Maybe because they don’t think guys will play a game that has a lead female character and a female mentor. Maybe because they don’t realize that women are just as strong of motivators as men. But I think that’s crap, either way.

So I say this, to video game makers: get off your asses! There are plenty of women out there who are incredibly strong role models. Women out there are in the armed forces, doctors, fire fighters, martial art masters, just to name a few. You can make a female character be motivated by another female. You can make a FPS or RPG or any other shoot-em up kill ‘em dead game with a female lead and a female mentor. And I can tell you, it won’t affect your sales at all. In fact, you might make some more money because there will finally be a game that women and girls completely relate with.

Tom Clancys Ghost Recon Wildlands Review


Ghost Recon Wildlands is an exciting game that will help you both polish up some strategic skills and spend your spare time in a wonderful way. It is an open world tactical shooter video game developed by Ubisoft Paris and can be played on Xbox One, Microsoft Windows and PlayStation 4. Although this game features a setting similar to the original Tom Clancy’s Ghost Recon, it is the biggest open world game ever published, including mountains, forests and deserts.


Ghost Recon Wildlands takes place in the expensive and vibrant backdrop of Bolivia, South America. The influential Santa Blanca Mexican drug Cartel has turned the country into a drug-state which leads to violence, injustice, fear and lawlessness. The rise in power of these drug cartels concerns the United States Government, as they have become a world threat. In order to stop this, the US Elite Special Operations team called “The Ghost” tries to create chaos in the country that will break the alliance between Santa Blanca Cartel and the corrupted govern.


Ghost Recon Wildlands features a great variety of environments, such as desserts, mountains and forests. Whilst exploring these areas, players are able even to parachute. It is a third-person shooter game set in Bolivia that puts players’ minds at try with its unique and real-world landscapes. Gamers play as a member of the Ghost and try to get rid of the violence and lawlessness in the country. Being set in modern day, the weaponry featured in the game is more realistic and similar to the weapons used nowadays by most militaries. What is more is that drones are featured and can be used not only to highlight enemies or objectives, but also as weapons in an attack. Carrying out missions during daytime allows players to spot enemies easily, while completing missions at night offers gamers a tactical advantage, as the darks gives them a better concealment.

What is best about Ghost Recon Wildlands is that it is the first entry to feature an open world with nine different types of terrain – mountains and deserts – and with weather system. This game gives the impression of a real world mission, because players are tasked with making observations before finishing a requirement. They can travel from a location to another with a variety of vehicles, including dune buggies, cars, tanks and dirt bikes. Players can also opt for a more adventurous way of travelling – parachuting from a helicopter. What differentiates even more Ghost Recon Wildlands from its predecessors is the fact that it features side-missions.

Players are able to use various ways in order to complete the objectives – they can use the long-ranged or short-ranged gadgets provided in the game, stealth or melee combat. The game has got a positive feedback from the players especially due to the possibility of exploring the game’s world between missions. As you can see in action movies, players can grab an enemy with one hand in self-defense and shoot with the other hand, if necessary.

While resting between missions, players might want to interact with others and build relationships with those around them. Ghost Recon Wildlands provides gamers with a great range of non-playable characters, such as the officials, the rebels of the world or the citizens with whom players can interact. Although players are not in a mission, they have to be careful when interact, because a wrong conversation might have a negative effect on achieving their objectives. Having an impact in the game’s world and bringing consequences, these interactions require strategy and precision.

In order to level up, players have to gain experience points by completing missions and carefully interact with those around him. In addition, they can customize their character to suit them best and will even be given some experience points. At the end of a mission, players are able to equip to the Ghost the loot they found on enemies’ corpses. So as to give gamers some help, weapons and gear can be upgraded, which will make them blow more and more damage to the opponents. As if it was not enough, the AI of the game is unscripted and the players have their own agendas and motivations. Unreal as it may seem, Ghost Recon Wildlands is like a second real world.

The game gives players the opportunity to choose between single or multi player. There is featured a four-player co-operative multiplayer where gamers can be joined by other players with the aim to explore the game’s world and to complete specific requirements. Yet, if the game is solo played, the players will be accompanied by three AI groups to which they can give orders.


The initial reception of Ghost Recon Wildlands had positive feedbacks both from the critics and from the players, due to its real design. It has been claimed that the open-world design of the game is far away from the typical design its predecessors from Ubisoft used to have. Having been called one of the most surprising reveals in 2015, the game has reached the height of popularity among teenagers in quite a short amount of time. It was not only nominated for the Best PlayStation 4 Game, Best Xbox One Game or Best PC Game Awards, but Wildlands also won the Game Spot’s Best Awards. As if it was not enough, Game Informer named the game both the best co-operative and the best shooter.


Although Ghost Recon Wildlands’ development began in 2012, it was officially published at the end of 2015. Before its release, the publishers – Ubisoft – claimed that Wildlands would be the biggest and realistic open-world environment they have ever created. In order to practically recreate Bolivia, the developer had to visit the whole country and to discover its hidden places. Moreover, he had to ask the locals for their cooperation so as to find the country’s mysteries and traditions.


All in all, Ghost Recon Wildlands is the most interactive game someone has ever played and if you decide to try it, you have to bear in mind that it gives addiction. It will not be easy to give it up.

Know Capture Golden Magikarp Red Gyarados

Hello to all. Today we explain way how to catch golden Magikarp and red Gyarados.

Some users have captured Pokémon of different colors like a golden Magikarp or a Gyarados of red color. For now it seems that these two Pokémon are the only ones available in shiny color. We do not know if Pokémon GO will end up getting more such Pokémon, as we do not have any official Niantic news yet.

Pokémon Go has been undoubtedly one of the most outstanding games of the past year and continues to have much fame right now on all mobile devices. We have seen in the amount of people who continue to play this game and for them Shiny Pokémon reaching Pokémon Go seems to be a great news. It is for the first time that such shiny Pokémon have been available, since the game came out.

Yesterday we informed you about the new event in Pokémon GO on the occasion of the international day of water. In this festival, water-type Pokémon would be the main characters, and the trainers would have it much easier to catch specific Pokémon.

Now, as they tell us from Pokemongoworldnews, Shiny Pokémon have landed on Pokémon GO with a surprise: you can now get golden Magikarp, as well as its evolution, red Gyarados.

Finally, and although Niantic has not confirmed it officially, some users have managed to capture this precious Pokémon.

Since it is a special event, it will be possible to capture this new Pokémon until the festival has finished, next March 29, as it has already happened with other events of this style.

As we told you yesterday, this will not be the only Pokémon that can be achieved on the occasion of the festival, as Niantic stated in the announcement of the event, which will also increase the probability of catching Lapras. Finally, remember that in the store, all coaches will be able to enjoy a gift on the occasion of the event, which is a Magikarp hat to customize the avatar.

Again, we remind you that these shiny Pokémon will only be possible to catch during the days that the event remains active, which began yesterday at 10:00 pm, and will end on March 29 at 10:00 pm.

With the theme of exchanges in Pokémon Go, these Shiny Pokémon will become something everyone wants, and there may be a parallel market in Pokémon Go with these new Shiny that arrive. We will have to wait for an official statement from the company to know whether only these two Pokémon will be available with this new aspect, or they plan to release more such Pokémons.

Creating Minecraft Virtual World

Minecraft Premium Account

Creating your own Minecraft Virtual World – Minecraft Premium Account

The benefits of acquiring a minecraft premium account. As a game, Minecraft involves players mining stones, crafting objects, protecting themselves and ultimately building humongous structures. As a user, you can either enjoy the game as a single player or engage a number of players.

After acquiring your own free minecraft premium account or your own free minecraft account, you need to spend some quality time getting a piece of the Minecraft action. With a functional account, you can be able to create a map that will guide you throughout your quest as you earn points. In addition to enjoying your game, a free minecraft account can earn you points which can be redeemed for real rewards.To be able to create your own map you need MCEdit Alpha which offers the user with a 3D editing mode. Begin by downloading MCEdit Alpha and installing it on your personal computer. Go ahead and create a new world by opening MCEdit Alpha and accessing its main menu. After creating your virtual world you can then name it appropriately. Save the outcome. You have already created a virtual 3D world that will allow you to enjoy your gaming experience.

Everything about Minecraft is simplified whether it is registering for a free minecraft premium account or it is about creating your own virtual world. As a Minecraft enthusiast you should be able to complete these processes within an instant. Additionally you also get to be rewarded for opening an account with Minecraft Accounts. This is a very rare happening and majority of the Minecraft enthusiasts are finding this option as rather enticing and appealing. An individual can actually earn a shopping voucher to use it at some of the identified online shopping stores by simply registering for a free minecraft premium account at!

Modern Strike Online Hack And Cheats

Customise your weapons with unlimited gold

If you wish for the best weapons or perhaps the most beautiful ones you are in the right place! Use the Modern Strike online hack to get as many credits and gold as you need. This tool requires only your username, and it passes the resources directly into your account.

All the hard work you do is not quite important for the game developers. Despite others giving you a modded APK where you need to root your device, this new tool is completely online! This means you have a safe way to get anything you need from the in-game store. Grab the best AA13 and Desert Eagle and shoot the hell out of your enemies. It is still recommended that you get an external controls device. This way you will aim easier and have a 100% win rate (considering you got the latest weapons in-game). If you want to access the generator right away, press the button below. Otherwise, read our review and go for the resources later.


Modern Strike Online, an FPS Game for smartphones

Modern Strike is the most exciting first-person shooter game available for your smartphones today. Developed by Game Development Ltd, this game offers an immersive gaming experience using your mobile. It is also packed with high-def graphics that will work even on low-end smartphones. The game’s concept: take control of a group of elite commandos given the task to annihilate terrorists hiding in different parts of the world.

Concept-wise, the game is no different from other first-person shooting games. You shoot and kill your enemies to win the game. If you have no idea how to play this, you will get a step-by-step tutorial on how to play the game using the basic functions. But being here, you’ll also get instructions on hacking Modern Strike Online, which is easier than it sounds. And even though it can by using an apk or by modding the game, the results are not the same.

Team up and kill enemies

This game is similar to the classic PC game Counter Strike. Team up with your friends and win against terrorist. What’s great about this game is that it works great even on phones with low specs although it won’t be as great as being played on high-end phones with high-range GPU. An internet connection is also required to play the game and team up with different players around the globe. You can also chat with your teammates on mid-game, allowing you to discuss strategies to achieve your goal.

Controls of a smartphone FPS

Aside from the game’s impressive high-definition graphics, the developers also paid attention to the controls which are very easy to use and precise, although it won’t be hard connecting an external game controller for better precision. This isn’t to say that everyone will have an easy time playing Modern Strike on the touchscreen. However, this game is a lot easier to play even without physical buttons.

The on-screen game controls somewhat replicate the arrangement of dual thumbsticks. To move, just drag on the left side of the screen to walk forward or backwards and strafe side to side. The buttons on the right side of the screen are used to aim, fire, and choose weapons. You can also look around using the 360-degree camera. One thing the Modern Strike Online hack can’t help you with is the way you play the game. As it is very skill based, you’ll have to learn how to use all those high end weapons you’ll purchase.

Modern Strike Online also has an auto-shoot function in the game’s settings to fire automatically at the opponents once you aim at them. However, if you prefer a more hands-on combat, just go to the game settings and turn the auto-shoot off. You can also choose what set of weapons you would like to use before the battle and change it during the game simply by swiping the upper-right part of the screen which is a lot easier compared to other shooting games.

Weapons and resources

Players have lots of weapons to choose from – you can use a knife, pistol, machine gun, rifles, grenades, and more. You can even add ancillaries and attachments to your chosen weapon for greater power. These weapons and ancillaries are unlocked as the game progresses and can be purchased using gold or silver credits. Every weapon for sale is explained with close-up shots of the components, making it easier to understand both features and functions. By using the Modern Strike Online cheats you’ll be able to unlock all the latest and most powerful weapons.

Another great feature of this game is the ability of the players to choose the battle’s location by selecting from the preloaded maps. You can battle in a cargo ship, an office, a mall, and a lot more choices. With different maps, the gameplay requires different strategies.

Game modes and play styles


Modern Strike offers game modes you can choose from. If you still don’t have a gaming preference or you are just starting out, the quick battle is the best option for you. You can unlock game modes by increasing your level. All modes will be unlocked once you reach level 9. These modes are the free-for-all deathmatch, team squad battle where respawning is not available, team deathmatch, a new bomb mode where you will seek and destroy each other, hardcore mode, and custom matches where you can set friendly battles against your friends although no XP will be earned in this mode.

Gameplay styles

Teamwork and strategy are essential needed to win every battle. A rule of thumb, indiscriminate firing is a big NO since you do not get unlimited ammo unless you are willing to spend some money on some bullets. Also, do not use the meds haphazardly. Use it only when you are in dire need of it. The good thing about this game is that there is a game mode where you will be able to respawn. Unlike in Counter Strike where you will be dead until a winner is declared. Consequently, killing in Modern Strike gives you an exciting feeling. There’s a sickening sensation to see someone drop dead because you killed them, especially when you know that the opponents are already making an edge.

Difficulty of the game

The difficulty of the game increases as you level up. You need to gain experience to level up. You earn EXP based on your performance during the combat. The performance of your combat will be great with the use of the Modern Strike online hack. But if you don’t want to use it, you can opt for a premium account to increase your experience and gold earnings. Nonetheless, this is a very skill-based game, and your fanciest weapons have no use against someone who is just plain better than you.

The developers of the game are making updates to fix bugs and improve gameplay. In every update has new weapons and opens up the possibility for clans to be upgraded too. The improvements made in the game have also dramatically caused an impact on the game experience.

Modern Strike Online Hack

Let’s have a more in depth look at the tool now. The generator is only available online, there is no downloadable version as of now. It is completely safe to use, so you’re taking no risks by generating gold and coins through it. Currently there is a limit on how many players can use it in a day, but the developers are working on increasing it. This will probably happen in one of the patches to come, as it gets updated frequently.

Anyone with an internet connection can easily access and use it. You can do it from an iOS, Android or a Windows(mobile or emulated) device. If you have any problems with the online generator you can always contact the developers, and they’ll be more than happy to help you. We also listed some instructions at the end of the article for those who need them.


Regarding the game itself, Modern Strike has managed to give justice to what a mobile shooting game should be. Slowly but surely, the developers can still improve the game. First, fix reported bugs to make the players happy right away! And it really appeals to players who enjoy FPS type of games. And also those who get a rush when cautiously navigating the hallways looking for enemies and headshot unsuspecting opponents. As for everyone else, this FPS game is a must-try, especially to those who are looking for time-killer games. It also offers an immersive mobile gaming experience.

Overall, Modern Strike stands out among other games in the shooting category, giving you an immersive mobile gaming experience even on low-end smartphones. If you like FPS games and would like a new one to try out on your smartphone device, give the free download a shot and find some competition.