How To Make A Minecraft Steve Fancy Dress Outfit

Want the perfect Minecraft dressing up costume?

In case you’ve been asleep for the past few years and are wondering what your kids are constantly talking about then Minecraft is a ‘sand box’ computer game where users get to create a virtual world while avoiding Creepers, the game’s ‘baddies’.

The pixelated hero of Minecraft is Steve, and he’s turning in to an incredibly popular fancy dress choice for kids parties but also for grown up parties such as Halloween.

The great thing about choosing Steve as your Minecraft dressing up outfit is that it’s an incredibly easy outfit to pull together – some of the items you’ll probably have lying round the house.

This is our guide on pulling off the perfect Minecraft Steve fancy dress look, but unfortunately we can’t help with the pixellation, although if you really want to you can add some card board boxes to your arms for extra effect!


This is the bit that really makes the outfit special. It’s lightweight and officially merchandised gear so is a great addition to your fancy dress outfit, adding instant pixelation!

You can go for the classic Steve look, an ender Steve version or even a creeper version if there’s a couple of you going to the party and want to get a Minecraft look going.

A really simple pale blue t-shirt is all you need for this part of the fancy dress outfit – it really is that simple!!

Another really simple part of the outfit – all you need is a pair of dark blue jeans or trousers. Steve has grey feet but because they are a block you could get away with just rolling your jeans up a bit to create the effect.


If you don’t want to roll your jeans up then you can go for a simple pair of dark grey shoes to complete your outfit.


You can add a lot of pixelated magic to your fancy dress outfit with the right choice of accessories. You could add a Minecraft sword or pickaxe.

Finishing your look

Don’t forget to practice your straight arm and straight leg walk to mirror the pixelated gameplay!

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