A Tip About Tips: A Response To Food Delivery Drivers

Due to the corona pandemic, it becomes difficult for people to go outside their homes. Therefore many food delivery apps are introduced to provide food at their doorstep. These apps have also provided excellent support to local restaurants. In addition, many people who had lost their jobs in the pandemic have been offered employment for food delivery services. 

But it has been noted that people avoid giving the right tips to these delivery agents; the result is that the drivers will actually lose their interest if they are not offered the accurate tip they deserve.

Here are some crucial you need to consider while ordering from food delivery apps and while deciding a tip for the drivers

  • Generally, most of the food delivery apps do not have a specific minimum order but have a particular service fee. For example, whether the driver delivers a small order such as a single burger or delivers a larger order of dinner from the restaurant, he gets the same service fee for his work. Therefore, only your tip can make a difference and make his trip worth it. Your tip is the one that drivers weigh while considering their wear and tear, time spent, and the petrol of their bikes.
  • Some food delivery apps provide good incentives for the drivers for making their trips worth their time. But many drivers have noted that even these Apps do not have a specific standard for and when to provide an incentive to the drivers. It is also noted that in some areas 

  • One driver is provided great incentives while others are not offered anyone incentive.
  • The food delivery apps also do not offer sound trips to their drivers who deliver more than than 10-12 miles away. This is what actually happens in rural as well as urban areas. The drivers are exploited by providing them as little as $3 for their order in which they are asked not to spend more than 20 plus minutes to pick up and deliver the order.
  • People should pay extra tip if they select the delivery food pay cash option.
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