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    Increase apps distribution and reach with alternatives app stores


The evolution of the mobile apps market has brought increasing
audiences for developers to reach, and increasing opportunities for
developers to monetize their apps. However, as the market grows, it
becomes much more challenging for new developers to enter and
make a splash. Alternative App Stores can play a big part in helping
developers fulfil their business objectives, provided they understand
and tackle the major pains developer face today in distribution and
monetization. In this talk we will discuss what we believe are the main
challenges facing developers today, and what Alternative App Stores
can, and should, do to help developers reach and monetize new


App developers & business developers


Álvaro Amorim Pinto is an entrepreneur who loves technology,
innovative ideas and projects. He is a co-founder and Chief
Operations Officer (COO) of Aptoide, a start-up that manages
a global marketplace for Android applications. Aptoide is a fast
growing company with 150M users in 2016 that raised 5M USD
of international VC funding. In the past he started other internet
and digital content projects, coordinated several eGovernment
initiatives and presided the Portuguese Association of Open
Source Software Companies. Álvaro has a degree in law from
Faculdade de Direito da Universidade de Lisboa (Lisbon University
School of Law).