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    Ehsan Tahmoures

    Black Cube Games - Game Designer

    Psychological Mechanisms through Metagame for Free to Play games


Core Concepts for creating compelling Experiences -Core Loop Checklist -Metagame Design Framework -Emotional Drivers -Tower of Want 
Take away:
You will learn how to engage the players and give them a better experience in free to play games.
Game Designers and Producers who want to learn more about mid-core and free to play video games.
My story in the Iran game industry begins 6 years ago when I was studying game design at Iran Game Development Institute. In the beginning I was just a hardcore gamer but after awhile I fell in love with social and mid-core games more than ever. I've been trying to study those games since then and that was my open window to jump into the developing field. Medrick Game Studio was my first step in the industry and Rooster Wars was the first result of my cooperation with the greatest colleagues I can imagine. After two years I needed to experience something more in the other aspects of designing video games and I found that opportunity at Black Cube Game studio. Currently, I'm working on a ninja game that I can't talk about it, but let me tell you it's gonna be LEGEN... wait for it ...Dary.