Nima Abdollah Zadeh

  • Nima Abdollah Zadeh

    Nima Abdollah Zadeh

    Iran Computer and Video Games Foundation

    Protecting your game’s Intellectual Property Rights: An overview of copyright law in Iran and Abroad


In this speech, you will learn how to protect intellectual property rights of your game in Iran and abroad. Differences between Iranian copyright legal regime and the international regime will be explained. At the end, you will learn methods that can ensure copyright protections for your games.

Audience: Game industry professionals, publishers and investors


Nima abdollahzade is a legal counsel at Computer and Video Games Foundation of Iran. He provides legal counselling to the Iranian game developers and publishers in the fields of intellectual property, tax planning, and international regulations. His job also includes facilitating the relationship between Iranian and foreign companies. For several years, Nima has helped Iranian start-up community to overcome legal obstacles of working with the international market despite strains caused by the sanctions.