Ario Jafarzadeh

  • Ario Jafarzadeh

    Ario Jafarzadeh

    King (Global Director of User Experience)

    Unlock Your Team's Creativity Using the Design Sprint Process





Ario Jafazadeh is a product designer with 16 years of industry experience working for Microsoft, Google, and Amazon. He recently moved to Barcelona to head up design at King, makers of the largest casual mobile game in the world, Candy Crush Saga. Ario has taught user experience at the University of Washington and is also an active member of several startup initiatives like Startup Weekend. He is passionate about sharing his experiences around design and software development so teams can make products that truly stand out and delight users.


Talk Title:

Unlock Your Team's Creativity Using the Design Sprint Process


Talk Abstract:

In this interactive talk, Ario Jafarzadeh, global director of user experience at King, describes how the use of Google's Design Sprint process can help game teams find solutions to their most difficult design problems and unlock new layers of creativity. The process he describes unfolds over the course 5 days, starting with a deep exploration of the problem, developing low and then high fidelity prototypes, and finally testing solutions with real players. As one of the first practitioners of this method at Google, Ario will explain the who, what, when, why, and how of running a sprint from start to finish. The talk also includes best practices around team brainstorming, sketching, and wireframing which are crucial skills to make the week as productive as possible.


Take Away:

Audience members will come away from this talk with everything they need to know for starting a sprint of their own. They will understand the best situations in which to use a sprint, as well as who to involve, and how to get the most out of the time spent.



Sprints, by their nature, require people with a variety of skills to work together to achieve a shared outcome. The talk is applicable to anyone interested in design, project managers, developers, game artists, as well as marketing and research specialists.