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    Holistic Optimisation





Tony Albrecht is a Senior Engineer at Riot Games, currently working deep within the bowels of the League of Legends code base. His almost 20 years of professional game development experience has seen him working with studios large and small across the globe on platforms from mobile through to PC and console. His passion is performance and optimisation, but he's worked on all areas of game dev and on titles ranging from tiny serious games with a handful of devs to massive AAA titles with gigantic teams.


Talk Title:

Holistic Optimisation


Talk Abstract:

Optimisation is not just the responsibility of programmers - everyone who works on a game is responsible for its performance. This talk will look at how different disciplines within a studio affect a game's performance and how they can be given the tools to be more responsible for ensuring a smooth frame rate. It will also address areas outside of the running of the game that can benefit from optimisation - from the game build process to content iteration.


Take Away:

The performance of a game is more than the responsibility of programmers - all developers should be given the tools to measure and minimise the impact of their own additions.



Programmers, producers, designers, artists