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    Diego Garzon

    Technical Art Director

    Anyone can make AAA & Hollywood content -Empowering cultures to express themselves.





A 32 year old Colombian, with a huge passion for computer graphics, video games, animation and visual effects.  After studying computer sciences in Colombia he joined the Visual Game Programming bachelors program at the Art Institute of California San Francisco. After a year in the program he was given the opportunity to intern in the Research and Development department at Giant Killer Robots during the day and Render Wrangler at night. During this time he developed an immense curiosity for Visual Effects, and focused his research on this field. After 6 months he was hired as an Effects Technical Director for the films "Happy Feet", "Fantastic Four-Rise of the silver surfer" and "Mimzy".He then moved to The Orphanage, where he produced work for the movies "Grind House", "Die Hard", "Sin city", and "Don't you mess with the Zohan" as a Shader Programmer and Effects Technical Director. This eventually landed him a job at Pixar Animation Studios as an Effects Technical Director for the movie "Wall.E".He then left to pursuit a 4 year unique venture to help set up a studio from the ground up to produced motion capture animated films. This studio led by Disney and Robert L. Zemeckis came to be known as Image Movers Digital and grew from 20 people to a 700 people facility. The studio produced the movies "Disney's a Christmas Carol" and "Mars Needs Moms". After Disney shutdown of the studio, Diego, left to Australia to help on the production of "Zucker Punch" and "Legend of the Guardians" at Animal Logic. He was then, invited to join the Cinematic team at Blizzard Entertainment to work on the visuals of Diablo 3 and Start Craft 2, his two favorite games of all time. 6 years ago he joined Blue Sky Studios, where he has worked as an Effects Technical Director on our last three films "Ice age continental Drift", "Epic", and "Rio2". During this time he was the co-author of a the Siggraph publication "Directable Fuilds for the Distinct Worlds of Epic" for fluid development work for which he was also nominated for an Annie in the category of "Best Animated Effects In An Animated Production" and  was sent to Vancouver-Siggraph 2014 to present his work on fluid simulations at a large scale in Rio2.


Talk Title:

Anyone can make AAA & Hollywood content -Empowering cultures to express themselves.


Talk Abstract:

My talk will focus on how real time  is giving power to minorities  to express their culture and empower them to achieve greatness applying real time technology to express themselves using video games , vr/ar  real time applications.The talk will  breakdown examples of how out of the shelve tools are being used by AAA games and Hollywood Blockbuster movies. 


Take away:

You do not need to be big AAA game studio or movie studio to create a Hollywood quality movie  or  AAA content. 



none to very experience  level of designers, animators, programmers and business development folks.