Julian Kenning

  • Julian Kenning

    Julian Kenning

    Character Art Manager at Natural Motion

    Game Art Development for Mobile Vs Console



16 years of experience in the games industry from almost every possible angle. I have worked for small budget game developers as well as in big triple-A studios. In particular the tight constraints of budget game development at the beginning of my career were a tough training ground, putting my later experience in big studios into the right perspective. Just as familiar with managing external art suppliers as with being an external contractor myself, I know well how to bring out the best of an artist, but I also identify limitations quickly. My traditional art background and diverse experiences of work, including areas which not related to game development , enabled me to think outside the box and see things from different points of view. After 16 years of ups and downs on the game development roller coaster I have developed a healthy sense for what works and what doesn't.


Talk Title:

Game Art Development for Mobile Vs Console


Talk Abstract:

There is a persistent myth that developing art for mobile platforms is less interesting, exciting , and artistically challenging than it is in console or Pc game development. It is a very outdated myth and should be busted and dispelled. Having happily made the move from console and PC at IO-Interactive to mobile at Natural motion 2 years ago the I'd love to talk about the key differences between working for these platforms, how the are slowly diminishing and how mobile is in some ways equally if not more exciting to work for.


Take Away:

A very positive perspective on doing art for mobile and it's bright future.