Behrang Khoshnood

  • Behrang Khoshnood

    Behrang Khoshnood

    Ubisoft, Backend Team Lead

    Our journey to millions of concurrent users




Talk Title:

Our journey to millions of concurrent users


Talk Abstract:

Our personalized journey in using micro services architecture for developing online services that are used by majority of Ubisoft games. This includes an overview of what are the benefits and complexities of using micro services.
Part of this journey was moving some of our services to AWS cloud and various lessons we learned about scalability and antifragility.
Having micro services architecture had an impact on our organization and the need to change our way of working which lead us toward smaller teams and devops culture.


Take Away:

Online is becoming a must for new generation of games. Online services and open APi allow players and fans to build a community around a game.



developers, Team leads , architects and managers for any online game




Behrang has more than 12 years of experience in developing backend services and operating them.
He is passionate about architecting, designing and developing scalable and optimized backend services.
He is an experienced leader in using modern practices and tools to develop backend services and operate infrastructure. Immutable servers, self healing, various deployment techniques, CI/CD, automated monitoring and alerting are some of his current interests.
He enjoys developing great people, not just great products.