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    Mike Acton

    Insomniac Games

    Solving the right problems for engine programmers


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Mike Acton has more than 20 years experience in game development. As Engine Director at Insomniac Games, his work is to lead one of the best engine teams ever assembled in the gaming industry focused on both usability and performance. He believes strongly that it is important give back to our community. For him, none of us could have done our jobs well without relying on the work of others and those giants that came before us, and we have a duty to return that favor. Along with sharing the lessons he has learned through building technology for video games, he is also strongly motivated to improve our industry and connect on a more human level with players.


Talk Title:

Solving the right problems for engine programmers


Talk Abstract:

To solve the right problem, you have to understand the problem. Let's share this picture to better understand the topic addressed in this lecture: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/361750/MactonIGREV0101.jpg

Take Away:

An approach to effective problem solving. Solving the right problems. Making better tradeoffs.



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