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Arslan Kiran is acting as Head of International Expansion at Bigpoint
GmbH and has been working in the gaming industry for more than
9 years. He is in charge of expansion markets such as Turkey, Korea
and MENA region where he initiates and executes local market
entry strategies with local distribution stakeholders. In his previous
role he was leading Asia Licensing Business at Bigpoint and
established strategic partnerships with top Chinese and Korean
game developers and publishers. He has worked at Aeria Games
Europe before as Product Manager and supported European
Branch during their start-up phase for local market entry projects.
Since the acquisition of Bigpoint to Youzu; he is now supporting
Youzu Bigpoint Group for MENA and Turkey markets for publishing
AAA mobile games in the region such as Legacy Discord which are
among top grossing 10 positioning in the region.
Arslan holds a European Economics MA degree at the University
of Tubingen, a bachelor’s degree in Economics at the University
of Istanbul and an associate degree in Business Management
at London School of Business and Management. He is fluent in
German, English, Turkish and Mongolian languages and he has
published a policy paper book ‘’Quo vadis, Europa’’ under Dr. Kovac
publishing house in Germany.


Talk Abstract:


Importance of local game publishing has been increasing since the
gaming market is becoming more competitive. Demonstrating best
cases from the MENA region will help listeners to understand the
potential of growth by offering local game publishing operations.