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    Designing multiplayer for mobile, and not going crazy (mostly)




Luke is the co-founder and creative director at Prettygreat. He is super passionate about all things design, and will probably get pretty worked up talking about it. Previously Chief Creative Officer at Halfbrick, Luke created the global smash hits Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, which have been downloaded over 1.5 billion times. Luke has spoken at conferences all over the world, and last year gave the Mobile Keynote at the GDC 30th Anniversary Flash Backwards (http://www.gdconf.com/news/f or_gdcs_30th_game_industry_ no/)

Talk Title:

Designing multiplayer for mobile, and not going crazy (mostly)

Talk Abstract:

Multiplayer is the current bleeding edge for mobile. Constantly connected devices make a perfect platform for highly social and connected experiences, and already we can see huge successes in the genre. But making a multiplayer game is hard. Like *really* hard. Even more so for mobile, which has an incredibly diverse player base, inconsistent connectivity, and players who may need to drop out at any time to take a phone call or respond to a message. This talk will be a post mortem on Prettygreat's latest game, Crash Club (releasing May 11th). Crash Club supports up to 32 players in a real time, open world 3D environment, a huge step forward for multiplayer on mobile. It will examine: * Using goal orientated production processes that use outcomes and time budgets rather than traditional task based SCRUM methodologies. * Creating lag-insensitive systems, and the pro's and con's of such an approach. * Managing online communities * Work/life balance when working on a game that never sleep


This talk is suitable for anyone with some experience building video games. Although there is a focus on the design, technology and production techniques used, this is all built from simple to understand concepts, and does not require in-depth priory knowledge in the field. The talk will be most relevant to those working in small, independent teams and on mobile platforms.