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Katharine began her development career at Melbourne House in 1998 and since then has alternated between roles in design, programming, audio and narrative design. Her credits span a variety of game genres ranging from racing games to third-person shooters and management sims, on a range of console and handheld platforms. Katharine co-founded Australia's annual independent game developers' conference "Freeplay" in 2004, and completed a PhD on tools for game design in 2015. She is currently working for Tengamideveloper nyamyam on their next, yet-to-be-announced title.

Talk Title:

Game Design Support Technologies

Talk Abstract:

While there are many books on game design available today, they tend to give very few details on the practical, day-to-day process and technologies of game design. This talk will give an overview of some of the current processes, techniques and tools that are typically by designers in AAA, Indie, console and mobile development, covering design tasks ranging from narrative design to level design and game balancing. Experimental and emerging trends in technology for modelling and evaluating game designs will also be discussed.


Game designers, mission designers, narrative designers.