Alireza Ashayer

  • Alireza Ashayer

    Alireza Ashayer

    Medrick Game Studio

    Cheat Prevention Techniques for Mobile Video Games


Iran (Islamic Republic of)




Senior Programmer at Medrick Game Studio June 2013 - current (3 year 11 months)

Developed and maintained largest online game in Iran, Rooster Wars, for android and iOS devices. 


Talk Title:

Cheat Prevention Techniques for Mobile Video Games


Talk Abstract:

As mobile video games grew out of a niche and became mainstream with the advent of iPhone in 2007, little development experience on these platforms made those games vulnerable to cheats and hacks. In the last few years, an increasing number of developers are focusing on online competitive games which makes cheat prevention more vital to the fairness of their products as well as their revenue from them. In this talk, we will take a closer look at common cheats as well as some obscure ones that we have encountered in our own games during the last few years. Then we will introduce the methods that we have tried, their effectiveness and their detrimental effects on user experience.



Mobile video game developers, programmers and quality assurance teams