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    Peter Walsh


    The Challenges of Programming and Delivering Major AAA Titles


United States


Peter Walsh is an experienced veteran of the videogames industry with over 15 years’ experience as a software engineer, senior software engineer, and technical leader. He has worked on some of the most acclaimed games of the last decade such as the Harry Potter franchise, F1, the Medal of Honor franchise, Crackdown, APB, Lemmings, The Shoot and many others. Previous employers include Visual Science/Electronic Arts, Real Time Worlds/Microsoft Game Studios, Activision, and Cohort Studios/Sony. The titles Peter has worked on have broken records for sales, achieved massive industry praise and awards including BAFTAs, Golden Joysticks, SpikeTV awards, and the Academy of Interactive Arts award. Peter currently works as Head of Department for the award winning Game Design and Programming programs at Vancouver Film School. In 2016 he helped found Canada’s first industry sponsored VR lab. He is a director for startup game development companies and is on the British Columbia, Canada government’s Coding Curriculum advisory board for K-12 schools. Peter grew up in the Middle East and lived in the region for over 10 years.

Talk Title:

The Challenges of Programming and Delivering Major AAA Titles

Talk Abstract:

This talk will cover the challenges of delivering major AAA games from a software developer’s perspective. Working on smaller indie games is very different from major titles in numerous ways. Topics covered include: - Planning and scoping for major projects; building teams. - Dealing with large data pipelines. - Pushing hardware – overcoming limits of memory, CPU, bandwidth, and GPU. Working with in-development Beta hardware. - Detecting bugs automatically, dealing with international QA teams, solving ‘impossible’ problems. Examples of major features from games Peter has worked on including Crackdown (render draw distance and crowd AI), F1(reconstructing a game when the code is lost), Medal of Honor(networked gameplay), The Shoot (Sony Move Controller), and Lemmings (Ecommerce and DLC). Interviewing for AAA roles – tips and techniques to entering the industry and preparing for technical tests.


Software developers, technical directors, managers, technical students, and those wishing to learn more about working on large projects from a software perspective.