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    Ashkan Saeedi Mazdeh


    Creating scalable game servers


Iran (Islamic Republic of)


I'm a game developer with about 8 years of experience making games and middleware which most of them were multiplayer / MMOs. I've worked on game networking middleware at www.muchdifferent.com and our middleware has been used on many titles. I've also worked on multiple multiplayer titles including TakeCover from Gamajun games. These days I'm working on Apadana which is a game backend as a service for games.


Talk Title:

Creating scalable game servers


Talk Abstract:

The talk will contain an overview of what a parallel, concurrent and distributed software system is and what are the usages for it. Then I'll go through a brief history of how it has been done over the years and what are the pros and cons of each way. I'll talk about actor based systems and using message passing as data sharing mechanism and benefits it provides and will talk about an on the edge technology called virtual actor model with a specific implementation called Microsoft Orleans. Features of Orleans will be described in the context of a server side application for games. Then I'll describe the different methods to create a scalable game backend server including stateless and stateful services and will try to make a case for building scalable systems in a stateful manner using the actor model instead of the conventional stateless services If time permits, I'll talk about our own implementation of such services and how we handled different challenges using the proposed model for crafting such systems


 (This talk will be in English.)  Advanced Programming Knowledge++.