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    Soroush Abbasian

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    Development process of particle effect in video games




Soroush is UI/UX and VFX artist with 5 years experience in game industry. Some of my notable projects : Shadow Blade Original, Shadow Blade 2(vertical slice version), Rooster Wars, Uncle Noruz: Snowman Dream, Hunter, Thunderbolt, Infantimals, Music Box, Moomin House, Tricorn, Courier++.

Talk Title:

Development process of particle effect in video games

Talk Abstract:

Recognizing art style and type of camera for determining production pipeline of particle effect in video games. Recognizing particle effect according to game design and art style for primary idea. Choosing technique and proper tool for making textures. Importing texture into game engine and starting to produce particle effect in game engine . Utilizing abilities and development tools of particle effect in game engine.


Particle effect lovers and Real time FX artists