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    Ali Boroumand

    Get Wrecked

    Intelligent decision making using Utility Theory




Ali is an experienced game developer who lives to make great games, build immersive Als and plays a lot of Civilization.

Talk Title:

Intelligent decision making using Utility Theory

Talk Abstract:

In a time where players demand more immersive and intelligent AI, state machines and behavior trees can not always meet the demands of State-of-the-art AI. Utility based Al provide the flexibility and power necessary in modem games to model advanced decision making based on the shortcomings of previous models. In this talk. we will be taking a look at the issues of using behavior trees and state machines and how modem games are using Utility Theory to create increasingly better Al. We will round off by looking at the bots in Get Wrecked and how they use Utility Theory to make intelligent. realistic decisions.


Developers interested in Artificial Intelligence.