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    Ben Kuchera


    How to get the press to cover your game


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Ben Kuchera has spent over a decade in the gaming press, working for outlets such as Ars Technica, Penny Arcade and Polygon. He frequently travels around the world to speak on how to more effectively share your story with the world. 


Talk Title:

How to get the press to cover your game


Talk Abstract:

Dealing with the gaming press is hard, and there have never been more games competing for our attention. This presentation will focus on winning strategies to help your pitches and stories stand out, and increase your chances of being covered by major publications. There are a few simple guidelines that, once incorporated into your approach with the press, will give you a huge advantage in competing for the attention of writers and editors. You don't have to release a big game to get press attention, you just have to learn how to share your big ideas! 



Any developer, publisher or community manager who would like help in dealing with the gaming press