Seyed Ahmad Mousavi

  • Seyed Ahmad Mousavi

    Seyed Ahmad Mousavi

    Red Cap Games

    Why my game is not money making? (How to make money making games?


Iran (Islamic Republic of)



Work Experiences:

• University Lecturer and Mentor at “UAST University - Shahid Dastvareh Center” Since 2013

• CEO and Business Development Director – Red Cap Games, Since 2008

• Games Division Manager – ABES Professionals (Netherlands), 2012-2014

• Managing Director at Safir Aria Computer Company, since 2004

• Senior Business Adviser – Donyaye Taty Publications (2010-2012)

• International Relations Manager – Donyaye Taty Publications (2010-2011)

• IT Senior Director at Middle East Strategic Research Center. (Iran) 2006-2008

• Senior Advisor at MKP Co. (Mining Company) 2012-2015 Other Experiences:

• Author and also member of editorial board, “Danestaniha” Mag. -“Hamshahri” Newspaper, 2011- 2013

• Executive Producer - “Go Kinok! Go!” Project - 2014

• Executive Producer – “Lootiha” (Thugs) - 2017

• Scene Designer at “Band Angoshtiha”(Fingers) Animation Project - 2013

• Marketing Director at “Iron Soul: Awakening” Game Project. (Blubee Games) - 2013 (Available on STEAM)

• Participating in Dubai World Game Expo 2012 as Speaker


Talk Title:

Why my game is not money making? (How to make money making games?


Talk Abstract:

there is a common phrase about Iranian mobile gamers between game developers. "I can not understand the Iranian gamer's behavior". So, when we are talking about games, we are actually talking about a media which is based on it's own audience. The key part of a game is the "pleasure of fun", so there is so many differences between an student definition of fun as well as a professor. The most important and forgotten thing in Iran's game industry is the "Audience". Most of game designers in Iran are designing games for themselves not for the people. In this lecture we are going to find out how we can design a "Audience Plan" for our games. The second part of the discussion is going answer this question: What we do have to present in our game for a targeted audience? if a game designer can answer this question completely and correctly great things can happen!



Game developers and managers, Computer and Art Students and who are looking for a tip to participate in the game industry