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    Chris Natsuume


    Staying Alive and Redefining Indie: A Boomzap Case Study


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Christopher Natsuume has been making games since 1994, including titles on PC, console, and mobile. He is currently the Creative Director and co-founder of Boomzap Entertainment, one of the top independent casual game development studios in the world. He holds a BA from the University of Texas at Austin and an MBA at the University of Washington, Seattle. He is the proud employer of the best damn game developers in Southeast Asia. Christopher can be reached at natsuume@boomzap.com


Talk Title:

Staying Alive and Redefining Indie: A Boomzap Case Study


Talk Abstract:

What is an indie game company? In 2005, Boomzap started as a small indie studio with a 3-man team; Artist, Programmer, and Designer. Nine years later, Boomzap has shipped over 30 top selling casual games, and has over 90 developers working on over a dozen project teams. We remain virtually located, and 100% independent and founder-owned. We will talk about how you can maintain your independence as a studio, work on the projects you want to work on, grow your company organically, and most importantly, pay salaries and develop profits. "Indie" doesn't have to mean selling out, and it doesn't have to mean starving - we will share what has (and has not) worked for Boomzap and help you redefine what an "indie studio" can be.



Independent game developers, both new and experienced, who work with different publishers and game aggregators