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    Caglar Eger

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    Panel: What publishers are looking for in your game?





Caglar has been with Goodgame Studios since 2012, where is responsible for analysing the potential of emerging markets such as Turkey, MENA, Asia and establishing Goodgame as a market player in high potential countries and regions. He wears multiple hats in his current role and his expertise in markets like China have led to strategic partnerships for Goodgame Studios. Beside that he is also responsible for the stratgic partnerships with the biggest mobile platforms such as the iOS Store and Google Play Store. Prior to this, Caglar was an avid entrepreneur and had set up his very own trading agency which was a successful global business venture. His background and global experience have helped him make a mark in the gaming industry. Caglar is an alumnus of the University of Hamburg where he received his Double Masters degree in Political science and Turkish Studies. He is currently a second examiner at the Fakultät Wirtschaftsund Sozialwissenschaften and he enjoys interacting with the young students who will be the future of the gaming industry. Find attached my photo. Here is my internet address: www.caglareger.com


Panel Title:

 What publishers are looking for in your game?


Talk Abstract:

The games industry is highly competitive, and players have developed discerning tastes. Not every game works in every region. Especially Japan has developed to become a gaming market with unlike gaming habbits compared to Western or even other Asian countries. This session should give a brief overview of what types of games Japanese players like and what foreign companies can do to appeal to local users by e.g. choosing the right type of game or culturalizing their content for the local market.



Publishers and developers seeking to enter the Japanese market (both mobile and PC/Console but with a stronger focus on mobile)