Robert Pontow

  • Robert Pontow

    Robert Pontow

    Active Gaming Media Inc.

    Panel: What publishers are looking for in your game?





Involved in the gaming industry in Japan since 2009, Robert boasts a deep understanding of both Japanese and Western audiences, and has utilized his wealth of experience in marketing and bizdev to assist titles in their entry into the Japanese market. Currently he is in charge of publishing and business development at Active Gaming Media, the biggest indie game publisher in Japan. 


Panel Title:

 What publishers are looking for in your game?


Talk Abstract:


The games industry is highly competitive, and players have developed discerning tastes. Not every game works in every region. Especially Japan has developed to become a gaming market with unlike gaming habbits compared to Western or even other Asian countries. This session should give a brief overview of what types of games Japanese players like and what foreign companies can do to appeal to local users by e.g. choosing the right type of game or culturalizing their content for the local market.




Publishers and developers seeking to enter the Japanese market (both mobile and PC/Console but with a stronger focus on mobile)