Mohamad Zehtabi

  • Mohamad Zehtabi

    Mohamad Zehtabi


    Mathematicians Vs Game Designers


Iran (Islamic Republic of)



Mohamad has made his way in programming first by participating in the “ACM-ICPC” contest. He was awarded for the outstanding Performance in the first Artificial Intelligence Contest (co-located with ACM-ICPC – Tehran Regional Contest). He started his professional activity in the field of game development as Lead-Programmer at “Raspina Studio”, developing well-known Titles such as “E.T. Armies” & “Magnis” and continued his way by establishing “Paeezan Studio” and making a turn-based strategy mobile-title named “Pesar-Khandeh”. He’s been awarded for the successful title “E.T. Armies” as the Best-Action-game Gazelle and the Best Technical-Achievement Gazelle in the 4th Tehran Game Festival. He’s been awarded for the creative title “Magnis” as the best casual game in the 5th Tehran Game Festival. Mohamad achieved the 38th rank in national M.S. entrance exam; and majors in Artificial Intelligence at Tehran University.


Talk Title:

Mathematicians Vs Game Designers


Talk Abstract:

"Game developers are usually passionate gamers who would like to build the best products and create unique experiences for their players. However, they are mostly negligent of the fundamental role of Mathematics in game development and design. As we all know, Mathematics and Geometry play a vital role in game development. Although many know and master these mathematical rules, they can’t make a practical use of them in games and don’t know where are these rules accurately applied. Mathematics are the foundation of every game and necessary for everything to work as the designers as well as the programmers intend. This includes particularly Freemium and Multi-Player games. In our speech, we’ll discuss the application of Mathematics in different steps of game development such as, design & programming, user acquisition, player’s engagement, game rules and game characters balancing, increase of gamers retention-rate, development of fun games that appeal to a large group of audience and monetization & revenue generation.



All the Game-Designers and Programmers are welcome to the speech. We would start the session with the application of basic Mathematics in Game-Design and Programming so that everyone with every level of mathematics-science can take part in this talk