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    Targeting higher graphics quality games in a massively cross-platform ecosystem





Christophe is a graphics programmer and Khronos representative at Unity working on low level rendering. He previously worked on PowerVR GPU architecture design at Imagination Technologies; developers relations at AMD; and real-time pre-visualization at e-on software. He is an active OpenGL community contributor: author of multiple OpenGL/ES WebGL extensions, writing articles about the APIs and GPU hardware but also developing tools such as GLM and the OpenGL Samples Pack which are parts of the official OpenGL SDK


Talk Title:

Targeting higher graphics quality games in a massively cross-platform ecosystem


Talk Abstract:

With a variety of platforms, including desktop PCs; mobiles; consoles; or even web browser thanks to WebGL; the gaming platform ecosystem is unbelievably complex. Some projects choose to target high-end graphics but this limit the market reach of the games. Business reality may catch up and require a painful downgrade of the games. As a result, most mobile teams fear using any graphics features to avoid the potential risk that these features might not work properly on some devices leading to particularly poor graphics in games. First, we will start by acknowledging the complexity of the ecosystem by observing numbers of devices, graphics APIs, performance variations and list major factors that makes cross-platform development effectively difficult. In a second part, we will discuss specific major low level features and their support within the global gaming ecosystem and provide references. These features such as linear rendering or batching will enable higher rendering quality, either from the point of view of performance, maintainability, graphics features, or artist’s workflow. Finally, we will discuss some development strategies to ease the development of cross platform games.



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