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     Depression - Can I apply game design techniques to understand mental illness


David Baron is a full-stack game developer with several years of experience in the industry. He has worked on AAA, mobile, VR and indie games, in several capacities, including level designer, engineer and artist. He has been involved on some of the industry’s most high-profile projects and he has gained experience in all the major facets of game development, including technology, production, publishing and training.


Talk Title:

 Depression - Can I apply game design techniques to understand mental illness


Talk Abstract:

This talk revolves around my personal journey in trying to resolve some of my own issues with depression by applying techniques I learned during my career as a game designer. I found that a lot of the emotional and mental issues we experience in our modern society are caused by our badly designed day-to-day lifestyles which are putting us in a constant negative reward loop. I believe a society suffering from obesity and depression is a clear indication that it has lost it's a sense of balance. And the reason we are unable to understand how to fix it's because we have accidentally created a simulation of life that's not connected to our biological instincts. We have basically written a social game that we can't win because we never understood it's rules.



This talk is for people that are interested in social issues and what the game industry could offer beyond entertainment