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    Designing meaning and ethics





Making games since 1991 I joined Blue Byte in 1995 as an internal producer and author. 2001-2005 as an internal producer at Massive Development. Since 2005 I'm a freelancing producer, author, director, designer and consultant for clients all over Europe. Since 2006 I'm teaching on these topics at a number of universities all over Germany


Talk Title:

Designing meaning and ethics


Talk Abstract:

The world of Tetris is inherently different in its ethical expression than the world of The Witcher. The decision making in the former game has no ethical component, while the decisions in the latter game do have meaning for the world the game represents. Thus the ability to understand the ethical level of a game world becomes critical if we do not want to leave this part of our design to pure coincidence. We need to learn how to design towards ethical challenges to improve our games and make them not only more fun, but also meaningful to the player. The talk will introduce some concepts of narrative design as well as system design dealing with the possibilities of creating meaningful content in games.



Intermediate to experienced game designers and producer