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    Ali Nadalizadeh

    TOD Game Studio

    Data-Driven Game Development - The Growth Hacking Approach


Iran (Islamic Republic of)



Ali has always been a fan of trending technologies and Open Source softwares. Seven years ago, he mixed the passion, with the thrilling experience of creating a mobile app studio called “TOD”. TOD was the very first iOS app development studio in Iran and has published three popular products: "Fruitcraft" an Online Trading Card Game, "Sibche" The Iranian iOS app distribution platform and "Percity", a persian city construction game. Fruitcraft achieved the best selling mobile app award of 2014 in Iran with over a million registered users. And percity has reached around 40k active users three month after its launch. 


Talk Title:

Data-Driven Game Development - The Growth Hacking Approach


Talk Abstract:

TOD has been a leading game development studio for iranian online games in the past four years. We have two major products, Fruitcraft, the online trading card game and Percity, the persian city construction game. There has always been a question that how does TOD, keep the game up in the charts while many others see a major user churn after initial launch. The answer resides in the way that we threat game development and data. Data could always be the base for marketing, design and development decisions. We have seen twice growth rate since we switched to use Growth Hacking techniques, User/Player interview and Data analysis. The talk covers growth metrics and techniques that could practically be used in your games, the way you could clarify design and marketing decisions based on the data and we would share our growth experience on Fruitcraft and Percity to show the concepts in action.



This is an Intermediate to Advance talk for those who have already experienced game development and would like to optimize their development style, player experience, game metrics and hence the money they earn