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    What I Wish Someone Had Taught Me


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Keith Fuller is a leadership consultant with 20 years of industry experience as a developer. He shipped 12 AAA titles as a programmer, design manager, and producer before starting his own company, Fuller Game Production. A certified PMP and Scrum master, Keith now helps studios of all sizes improve their leadership, production processes, and studio management. In his time as a consultant he has spoken with more than 100 different game companies. Keith has presented at numerous conferences around the world and is the author of Beyond Critical, a book published in April 2012 that addresses the improvement of leadership in game development


Talk Title:

What I Wish Someone Had Taught Me


Talk Abstract:

When I first became a leader, I had no idea what the expectations were. I didn’t know how to do the job. I just knew there were people I was supposed to manage so I better start doing *something*. I had no mentor. I didn’t know how to search for resources. I didn’t even know I was supposed to be driving my own education. I thought that was someone else’s job. Somehow, my team and I muddled through. We shipped a few big budget games together, made the company some money, and even had some fun. I must have learned enough on my own to do a pretty good job, but there are a lot of things I wish someone had taught me.



This talk is for those who aspire to be a people leader and those who already are. Your age and experience and number of years in the industry don’t matter