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    Get it done! Better Small Team Project Management





Henry Faber has been collaborating with individuals and organizations at the intersection of community, process and creativity within the interactive media sector for over 15 years. He co-founded the successful independent game developer co-working space Gamma Space Collaborative Studio (formerly Bento Miso Collaborative Workspace), helping to develop sustainable business practices; acting as producer for independent games such as Fate Tectonics, LongStory Game, Loud on Planet X, and Graceful Explosion Machine, Solace State; and advising tech companies on how to develop more inclusive and diverse workplace cultures. He is currently working with virtual reality network New Tropics developing content platforms that leverage game devs and game dev technology to make experiences that are distinctly not games. He’s spoken at GDC, MIGS, TAAFI, NXNE Interactive, and GameON on topics ranging from community driven game development to the future of virtual reality accessibility.


Talk Title:

Get it done! Better Small Team Project Management


Talk Abstract:

Ready to Get It Done? Get your indie team communicating, motivated and focused–even while bootstrapping–to get your game done! Join project manager/producer Henry Faber as he presents the tactics and strategies he and the indie game community working out of Toronto's Gamma Space Collaborative Studio employ to get their games out. He'll be covering tools, roles and processes while sharing insights from the teams he's taken to the finish line over the last five years.



Useful for team leads on indie teams, as well as managers and producers on internal teams in larger organizations. Tools focus on organizations with more limited resources, but apply to those with larger budgets.