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Keith Fuller is a leadership consultant with 20 years of industry experience as a developer. He shipped 12 AAA titles as a programmer, design manager, and producer before starting his own company, Fuller Game Production. A certified PMP and Scrum master, Keith now helps studios of all sizes improve their leadership, production processes, and studio management. In his time as a consultant he has spoken with more than 100 different game companies. Keith has presented at numerous conferences around the world and is the author of Beyond Critical, a book published in April 2012 that addresses the improvement of leadership in game development

Talk Title:

Leadership Master Class

Talk Abstract:

During this class we’ll focus on two main subjects. We’ll cover some fundamentals of leading people well, and we’ll talk about how to create an environment that generates good leadership. The first part -- the fundamentals -- will deliver some concrete practices and information that will help leaders improve immediately. But we can’t possibly cover all of the necessary information in one class. That’s why we have part two -- how to make sure your company is able to continue the process of improving itself.


This talk is for those who want to improve their personal level of leadership, and for those who want to see their company continue to get better at solving problems and retaining engaged employees.

Take Away:

1) Explanation of culture and values; How to have effective one-on-one meetings; Decision making methods; How to handle conflict, 2) Continuous improvement; Deliberate practice; Setting expectations