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    Character creation for next gen gaming




Multi skilled CG Generalist & Technical Game developer. Worked as Supervisor, TD, Lead Animator, Senior Modeler, VFX artist, with more than 16 years experience at 3D Production & 6 years in game Industry. Some of my recent works are: _ 2009: Technical Animator at: Avini Motion Capture Studio ( With Vicon Systems ) _ 2010: Character modeler and Animator at the game "Garshasp". http://garshasp.com/ _ 2011: Visual Effects & Environment artist at the movie: "The legend of Arad". http://film.cgtal.com/media.ht m _ 2013: "Lead Animator" at Company Dominating Studios in "United Kingdom" for the game "Critical Point”:http://www.criticalpoin tgame.com _ 2014: "Environment supervisor" at the animation: "Power of peace" _ 2014: "Technical Director" at the Movie and game : "Devil OPS" _ 2015: "Render Man, VFX, Compositor & Modeler" at the movie: "The Return" http://skyframestudio.com _ 2016: “Technical Director & programmer” at The game: “VR Experience Fight simulator”. _ 2016: "Founder & CEO" at Phoenix Song Studio

Talk Title:

Character creation for next gen gaming

Talk Abstract:

This workshop will cover: - Preparing character sheets - Character Modeling (High-poly) - Retopology (Low-poly) - UVing - Texturing - checkout for rigging


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