Mario Ricco

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art manager - art producer
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Make the AAA quality in mobile games



Mario Ricco, starting 2010 I am a mobile games developer. From 2014 I am the art manager of IGG studio of Singapore, but also I am following the development of several projects in the oversea studios of my company. Until 2010 I have been a videogame art director for classic AAA console games, I worked for EAsport, Ubisoft, and Atari Infogrames. I have started as videogame developer in 1997. Previously I have been a landscape architect, an industrial designer, a pioneer of the computer graphic, a lecturer and a comic artist. I am italian, was born in Rome in 1962.

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The lecture is about how to create the AAA quality in mobile games. We will talk about methodology and processes regarding the following steps : a - competitor analysis and the breakthrough b - game foundation : creative direction vs art direction : the vision c - definion of the art quality bar d - prototyping and the art team management e - the release of a AAA mobile games