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10 Game Changer Steps to Change Game Publishers’ Decision



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In this talk I will try to share my own experience in communicating with world class publishers and how to include publishers’ feedback in the post production phase and game pitch. My focus will be mainly to explore ways to optimize the communication with publishers based on recent developed trends for new title evaluation and draw a closed modification loop to improve your game and adapt your presentation. I also will review the current status of Global game market and it’s new trends including Game Studios Characterization, Game Genres and Platforms, Gamer Habits and Preferences, Top Grossing Genres and Successful Titles, Distribution Channels, Payment Solutions, Metrics and KPIs, Ad networks and UA options, PR/Media Channels, Obstacles and Risks, Publishing/Distribution Deal Structures, Culturalization/Localization, Monetization Strategy and more! At the end we’ll have a tempting Q&A with game changer questions!


Game developers looking for a publishing partner. Game developers with a candidate game project for Global market. Game developers with a global publishing vision!