Vahab Ahmadvand

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Senior Game Designer
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The How and Why of Remote Game Development




Project Manager and Game Designer for many successful Iranian games such as Parvaneh (Legacy of the Light’s Guardians), Farasafar. Also he is one of the pioneers of the game development’s education in Iran Game Development Incubator and Iran Game Development Institute, teaching Unreal Engine 4, Unity and Game Design.

Talk abstract:

This article focuses on the management of a remote team in an efficient manner. When all members of a development team scattered across various countries or cities, the development model will be defined as Remote Game Development. It is also known as Virtual Game Development. What are the reasons behind employing Virtual Game Development? In the following we will discuss the pros and cons of using Remote Game Development model. Remote Game Development is not a new concept or idea and it has been utilized by numerous teams. Managing a team remotely could be an enormously challenging task; but, if employed correctly, it will be a great asset in order to conserve financial and time resources during the development cycle. Mutual communication between team members is a crucial part of this model. Furthermore, various tools exist to facilitate communication between team members which we will discuss later on.


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