Uwe Flade

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Shape Minds UG
Founder / CEO
Talk title:

How to create successful Indie apps & games with small teams and little money




Uwe Flade creates apps and games since 2009. His kids app Nighty Night! was awarded as App Of The Year by Apple and has reached more than 4 mil downloads. His game Heavy Metal Tennis Training has reached 300k downloads and was included in the section "new games we love" in 131 countries by Apple.

Talk abstract:

I´d like to talk about creating successful apps with limited resources. I will walk the audience through the creation process of Nighty Night! and Heavy Metal Tennis Training (iOS/Android). From idea, design, team building to marketing, every step will be explained in detail. I will also compare the "paid app" system with the freemium concept.


Beginners and Intermediates