Shayan Amiri

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Bazigostarane Derick
Senior Game Designer
Talk title:

5 Challenges you must deal with as a F2P designer.




I started my career in game development as a game designer by joining an indie team called Team snore. In the meantime, I was studying game design at Iranian Game Development Institute. While studying there, I got a job offer from “Teele Game Studio” and join them in 2014. At Teele, we were focused on arcade F2P games and in a one-year period that I was working there as a lead designer, we managed to release a few mobile arcade games including “Eggshoot”, “Pullen Land” and “Fitil Run”. After that, in 2015, I joined Medrick Game Studio as a game designer. In last 3 years, I have been working on several game projects including Rooster Wars and Rooster Wars: Tactics as a senior designer and producer.

Talk abstract:

As a game designer, there are some challenges you would always face working on F2P games no matter what genre, which target audience group or the size of the project. In this talk, I will look thoroughly into 5 of this challenges which I have found more important and will try to share my experience in each case. The challenges would be: - How to define your creative box? - How to define your target audience? - How to test your game’s core mechanics? - How to design for expansion (future update)? - How to integrate marketing/BI teams?


Intermediate game designers and producers who make or want to make F2P games.