Saman Kazemi

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Lexip Games
Art Leadership
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Create your own game environment




My name is Saman Kazemi, I was born in 1988. Believe it or not, I was bringing up with video game consoles like Atari, Nintendo, Sega, ... when I was 3 years old! Regarding my interest, I was about 16 years old when I started to learn 3D software to create my images. After joining the University of CG Arts and working with a game design company in England, I learned about designing the game environments, and I learned a lot more day by day. It's been around for about 4 years that I'm developing indie games at the "Lexip Games" in my country, and I'm working hard to get things done in this industry because I have everything that a designer needs to have ! you can find some of my artworks on my art station page (

Talk abstract:

In these 45 minutes, I will try to talk about how to create and design a game environment suitable for point and click style. I will start with the basic references and ideas, and then I'll talk about the features needed to run the environment in 3D, sometimes two-dimensional, and finally, I'll talk about what is the best way to create our environment for adventure games.


Beginners & Intermediate