Sajjad Gholizadeh

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A.s.A Game Studio
Art Director
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The Art Direction




Sadjad Gholizadeh is the Director and Art Director at Siyah Par Studio. He leads many team providing all aspects of art design , including Character design, Environment design, Texture design and Art style.He is a qualified Self-Taught Artist. Sadjad is no stranger to Game industry and Animation, having spent over 13 years as an Director, Art director, Concept artist, Visual developer, Texture artist, Background artist, Storyboard artist, Layout artist and 2D animator, wich taught him the importance of art design. Prior to start his game and animation art,he is a Traditional Painter. Sadjad spent 23 years of his life in Drawing and Painting. has been teaching painting at various academy and schools for 12 years.Sadjad worked for diverse range of company and organization, including “Siyah Ghalame Shargh” , “ Arad Animation Studio” , “Persian Dream” , “Arena Studio” , “Asemane Abi Didar” , "Magic Mirror" , "T20 Game Studio” , “Bearded Bird Game Studio” , “tee tu tem Game Studio” And “ Siyah Par Animation Studio” and many other compinies and Free Lance Projects.

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A power point about Art Direction, part of my experiences about Art Direction


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