Reka Sugar

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Electronic Arts
Art Outsource Manager
Talk title:

Be the best match for developers or publishers looking for an outsource company




14 years in the Game Industry, 6 as a 3D environment artist, and 8 as an Art Outsource Manager. Lived in 6 countries, worked on pc, console and mobile games, and now I am managing the Art Direction and Art External Development on Sim City Built It, which is one of the most successful mobile game of EA.

Talk abstract:

Your company has great talents and a real expertise ? You would like to become an outsourcer ? The first steps are not easy because you have to prove that you can match the developers or publishers expectations. In this session, Reka Sugar will share her experience as Art Outsource Manager for Electronic Arts. She will give a general overview on external development, according to the EA - XDS Industry survey. She will also reveal tips and steps of how to build a successful relationship with your client.


Anyone who is interested in external development