Philipp Zentner

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How To Succeed With Community Driven Game Development




Philipp has been a web entrepreneur since 2005 (when he was 15 years old). With a strong technological background he built multiple startups and advised startups as well as large enterprises. His focus nowadays relies on communication, customer experience and customer relationship management. With STOMT, he has built a business that allows to maintain customer relationships at scale and unlock its hidden potential to drive better decisions and having a more customer-centric leadership approach. With STOMTs in-game and Twitch integrations, STOMT has a strong focus on the gaming industry and is already used by major publishers all over the world.

Talk abstract:

This talk is about a huge trend in the gaming industry in the recent years. In a more and more connected world and through crowdsourcing opportunities like Kickstarter, community driven game development has become a standard. Publishers and developers invest in community development and management like never before and community is increasingly seen as an important asset to drive word-of-mouth and decision making in game development.


Game publishers and developers