Mohammad Amini & Sajad Beygjani

Mohammad Amini & Sajad Beygjani photo
Bazigostarane Derick
Creative Director, Senior Client Developer
Talk title:

What we learned from 6 months of fast prototyping?




Mohammad Amini I have been designing games for more than 6 years now. I started my career at Medrick while studying game design at Iranian Game Development Institute and started designing F2P games for mobile platforms. In past 6 years, I have played different roles such as lead designer, game director and lead producer on several game projects including Rooster Wars and Zero to Hundred, both were among big hits in Iranian local market. In 2015, I was accepted to Denius-Sams Gaming Academy, a 9-month program directed by Warren Spector at the University of Texas in Austin focusing on educating and introducing next generation of game industry leaders. After I graduated from DSGA, I came back to Medrick and currently working there as the Creative Director. Sajad Beygjani I started programming games professionally in 2007 when I joined a team that was working on a big RPG game. Since then I worked on my own game engine and I strived to write it all from scratch including all memory handlers, data collections, scene management, component-based structure, renderer, animation, AI, GUI, network layer, and editor. I'm interested in any programming fields related to video games. Rise of Unity was a great news to me hence it had many structures similar to my own game engine “SeganX”. So I have migrated from SeganX to Unity and worked on various successful mobile games using this new engine. I am currently working at Medrick Game Studio as a senior programmer.

Talk abstract:

In the talk, we will share with you our experience from 6 months of fast prototyping in search of the idea for our next game. We will look into the process we went through, give you insights on how to get most from the minimum resources available, defining pipelines, working with marketing folks from very early steps, techniques on fast prototyping and playtesting and finally figuring out metrics and evaluating the process.


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