Mehdi Mousavi

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Red Cap Games
Game Designer
Talk title:

Make that million dollar game!




I worked as a Game Designer for Red Cap Games for more than 4 years in Iran. as the author of weekly blog called "We Make Games" I released more than 50 articles about the principles of game design as I worked on numerous projects, including "The Thugs" as Lead Game Designer, "Iron Soul" as Design and English localization Consultant and "Go Kinok Go" as Creative Director. After TGC 2017, I moved to the US to pursue my PhD in Computer Science and I have collaborated with the Department of Computer Science Georgia State University in using novel game design principles to bring more efficiency into the field of Artificial Intelligence, and AI of our games in general.

Talk abstract:

Make that million dollar game. join us and lets talk about how we sift through different ideas to create an experience. we will review the core experience is famous titles, break them down and reveal their secrets. either if you are an experienced game designer or you're just starting, knowing where to begin and what to design around is always the million dollar question. a question that can lead to a million dollar game. grasping that basic core experience is one of the most important things in game design, and one of the best ways to get to it is to dig into your design philosophy using iteration and change. but there is always one obstacle that prevents you from reaching to the pure game fuel at the core of your experience: you. but all of the above means nothing if you make a game that cannot pay for itself. delivering an effective monetization system requires a very soft touch, and making a system that does not create negative wash-back and doesn't impede the experience is a very hard question that even brings giants like EA to its knees. we will give you a simple key to make this process a 100 times simpler, a philosophy, a perspective thats been lost under heaps and heaps of business tricks and mind traps.


Beginners / intermidiate