Marcelo Careaga

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Head of Tencent Publishing
Talk title:

Mobile Publishing and its Implications for Production




I started my career in videogames after obtaining an MBA degree in Shanghai (China), at the Chine Europe International Business School. From working in consulting and international trade, I moved to work in game, first as Project Manager Lead at Art Coding, an art outsourcing firm in Shanghai. After, I moved to Virtuos, where I continued working in outsourcing as Production Director. Later, I moved to Zynga Beijing, where I worked as Executive Producer, starting the move from Social games to Mobile games, and working in some of the biggest franchises of the company, like CityVille. I left China 4 years ago, to start a new adventure as Lead Producer, Head of Product Management and finally Head of Tencent Publishing at Miniclip, in Lisbon, Portugal. Currently, and after Tencent investment in Miniclip, I work closely with both companies to establish a publishing pipeline.

Talk abstract:

This talk will describe the current situation of the mobile publishing market, and go into the specifics of how mobile publishing works, what can small studios expect of the process and how to better prepare for it and end up in a successful partnership.


Mobile game developers with interest in business, producers, business developers and general audience if interested in the mobile industry.