Mansour Djawadi

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Blue Box Games
Talk title:

Sync, Semi-sync and Async server development for MMO games




Mansour has started as a multimedia designer and Flash developer and on his way doing so made a lot of small flash games. He's been programming and leading multiple animations, interactive comics and game projects since 1999. He's been the product designer in projects like Sibche, FruitCraft and PerCity from 2013 till 2016. He now founded Bluebox games and is making new games!

Talk abstract:

Maybe you think about why famous and prosperous mobile MMO games have a fluence user interaction? The sacred key lies under the server development black rock! Mansour tells you about of State-full and State-less technologies, Script engines, cross-platform toolkits and success and failure experiences in his last MMO projects.


Programmers, producers, designers (Persians)