Joerg Tente

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8 Elements Asia Pacific Ltd
Talk title:

The importance of Community Management for the successful Marketing of Mobile Games in Asia Pacific.


Hong Kong


Joerg is a true mobile games pioneer who has worked over 16 years in the industry as aggregator, developer and publisher. Overall he accumulated substantial international education, management and leadership background in his 20+ years of experience in marketing, sales and business development in Europe, Asia and Australia. A true serial entrepreneur, founder and investor with payroll responsibility for 30+ people in 5 countries he has been creative in Asia for 17 years as Hong Kong citizen with significant regional exposure. Married without kids but blessed with many good friends and associates he enjoys life while working, traveling, hunting, scuba-diving, skiing, reading, movies, opera, arts, photography and the colour pink.

Talk abstract:

Joerg will cover the Marketing of mobile games with focus on Community Management to reach local audiences in Southeast Asia. This is a general marketing topic on how to launch mobile games but involves analytics to segment users before launch, online and offline events before and after launch and various community management approaches to recruit, maintain and grow the community that plays a game and eventually performs In App Purchase transactions. He will also introduce a new mobile games community that was just launched in Indonesia and will be of interest to local partners in MENA. His speech will cover a short introduction to Asian games markets and the sourcing and licensing of games from/to the Asia Pacific region.


Experts, but anyone with less experience would benefit